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32 years old
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Most people define beauty base on the physical feature of a person, a perfect figure and pretty face. I think beauty is about confidence and good personality. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and be the best you can.

My dreams and passions

My friends calls me Shane, I was born on May 1st in the Philippines. We are four child in the family and I'm the 2nd. I moved and now residing here in Edmonton, AB Canada since 2012. I am currently working as sales associate in ADIDAS and METALSMITHS Sterling Silver. It is my greatest dream to travel the world. I have been to Dubai and New York so far and wanting to travel more. It was also my dream to be a model, but life was never easy for me. Now, I just want to show that I can still live my dream and that its not yet too late for me.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I love traveling and exploring places I've never been. I love watching movies when there's nothing to do outside. I do acting most of the time too when I see an interesting scene in a movie, i just do it in front of a mirror. I also love to explore different cuisines as eating is one of my favorite thing to do :)

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