24 years old
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About me

I was raised in Alaska and am currently Atlanta living. I LOVE the outdoors, volleyball, cooking and being creative in just about every aspect.

My dreams and passions

Its been my passion to be a professional model/influencer since I learned how to walk . After i successfully jump start my modeling/acting career, it is my dream to open up my own jewelry and herbal tincture shop called Drewsilla Design! Full of my own handcrafted accessories, tinctures and clothes.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I am not built like most models. I am not a skinny model nor am I a Plus size model. There's unfortunately not a category for the in between like myself. I am tall and curvy and at 24 years old have a lot of grays, but I am here to show people everyone is beautiful inside and out regardless of color, shape or size. I aspire to inspire the upcoming generation that you can achieve your dreams as long as you TRULY BELIEVE that you can and truly believe IN YOURSELF.

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