27 years old
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About me

Hi. I am Tacyra. I love to life life and get the most out of it. I love to laugh make people laugh. I’m very down to eart outgoing and friendly

My dreams and passions

My dreams are to change the view on what the world sees as perfect. And beauty. I also would like to motivate people in my home town Waterbury,Ct that dreams can come true don’t ever give up on your dream. Ana to make a difference in the world

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I believe I can bring hope to the people my fe from watching me on the show. To show them you don’t have to be perfect. Thy you don’t have to change who you are to be beautiful. I have been in a 2XL before now I am in a Medium. Life has its ups and downs but loving yourself can’t be nothing more but up. I feel I can relate to ballot of people with not being happy with their body and still wanting to follow their dreams. Everyone looks at tv and thinks I have to be that well I want ppl to look in the mirror and think I AM THAT or WILL BE that. I want people to love themselves and I want to be to one to help show just be happy in your skin and that’s the most important self power and beauty.

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