South Africa
20 years old
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About me

I am bubbly and lively and enjoy living life to the fullest! I love my close friends and am very very close to my family (this is important). I love the outdoors, riding my Motorbike (I do MX racing) but been on hold while I finished matric. I enjoy singing and drawing as well. I consider myself different in the way I dress, my hair and my attitude.....its about being me and my way. :)

My dreams and passions

My passion is eating! LOL and apparently very good at it. I would love to visit other countries and learn about people and cultures. I have a passion for children and would love to work with them one day...especially those that have problems....I would also love to be able to ride alongside Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen on my MX bike...that would be super great!

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I want to stand up for girls and woman who are bullied. Everyone always says how pretty I am (and please dont get me wrong by me saying this) but this caused me to be bullied for many years. Girls always seemed threatened by me, and I never ever gave them a reason to...and that was the sad part about it. I had no girlfriends...lead a very lonely life until one day I just woke up and said no more....now I am a happier person inside and when anyone I know is being bullied they have to deal with me.....its horrible and being pretty should not be a curse.......I now love being in front of the camera and can smile after many years of crying and being alone....its my happy space. If I can share this experience it would be fantastic.

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