Tania Melina
34 years old
Who am I?

I'm a resilient, trustworthy, reliable person. Very sensitive and the pain from others always hit me! But besides being sensitive I am super enthusiastic, always energetic and optimistic and a happy human being! I’m very passionate about fitness, food and good nutrition. Love to workout and put in my mouth the healthy stuff and of course enjoy my weekends with that huge cheeseburger with fries or delicious pizza and everyday I need to eat my sweets cuz Oh sweet Lord I have a terrible sweet tooth! and If I can’t get my sweets for the day stay away from me because I will become HULK! I’m very compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic (I have a mission that I really want to accomplish and will share that later). Want to help people and share my journey, story and knowledge since my whole life struggle from being overweight, suffered bullying and rejection not only from my classmates at school but the sad part is it was coming from my own mother too, growing up listening to words like I was ugly, stupid dumb and the list never ends. Having my self-esteem deep under the ground if I could have any, didn't know what confidence feels like before or felt the feeling of being loved when I was a little Kid?! That is why I wanted to accomplish that mission and project I have in mind to help people that possibly went through or are going through something very painful during their childhood, who have felt that terrible pain not only morally but physically as well... I am an outgoing person Love the outdoors, fan of shows (Cirque Du Soleil is My Favorite) . I love music, since music is life and feeds the soul and of course along with it love to go to concerts and events, from EDM towards the unique only one Rolling Stones band!

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

I think this is a wonderful and beautiful movement and platform to show not only the world but perhaps to yourself that it does exist BEAUTY in all different kinds of shapes, colors, races and personalities no matter where you come from! While this is a great opportunity for all of us as regular non seen individuals or I may say not yet been discovered, because beauty does not only exist from the outside appearance but the inside as well, with a great kind soul and may be full of talent, creativity and projects not only to fulfill ourselves but to help and put your little contribution for a better world and society! And for that chosen individual to represent with pride that the different kinds of beauty really exist and we can demonstrate to the world that possibilities are endless even though life is full of challenges! When you have beauty inside your heart we definitely will achieve and strive to thrive. Thank you very much to all the Fashion Hero crew and team for creating this reality show, super thoughtful and meaningful… XOXO

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I believe I would be a great role model because I grew up with no guidance and even thought I was able to thrive. I definitely still on the journey and most likely just recently that I’m going through a terrible hardship due to a family member scammed me out of all my 10 years savings and now my savings are gone! And it's like I have to start all over again. I had a business plan and a project going on, certainly that plan and project was part of my mission a mission I have and want and need to accomplish to help somehow and put a little something into the world to help women, (with breast cancer and victims of domestic violence) the hungry children, animals (most likely dogs) and well now I don’t know by when I will be able to do it because of this horrible nightmare that happened to me. I wanted to also share my story, not only my childhood story but my life story of becoming healthy in mind and body and be able to inspire someone out there that is struggling and can relate so she/he/they would know still hope and choices and better possibilities exist out there. I grew up with an hysterical, violent mother, every single day she used to yell at us with bad words and terrible bullying phrases and she course at all the times plus it wasn't only the words but the physical abuse of hitting us, my sister and I for nonsense events such as if a glass of milk spilled by accident was a reason to hit us hard and yell at us. My mother always calls us names and says we are fat, ugly, stupid idiots and the list never ends and not only we got and heard that in our own house but my classmates too, they used to bully me because certainly I was overweight and I really believe they can smell I was super insecure. On the other hand, talking about my dad, he never was there for us I barely was able to see him when he visit only to give money to my mother and those days were certainly terrible because they would fight for sure because my dad was an alcoholic and addict so that was a sure reason for my mother with temper to explode. I grew up with no self esteem at all being insecure and not knowing what love is or a birthday celebration was since we never had one, it was like we didn't exist, my sister and I; nevertheless I am now a new me! My mom kicked me out of her house twice for no reason only because she wanted to, I was always a nerd, shy kid with no friends and certainly the smarter of the classroom out of 30 students, always earning diplomas, and wining all kind of contest that has to do with creativity, I used to have a high IQ. My parents never went to see me when I got my diplomas or prize. I still believe they never knew and realized how good I was at school, still sometimes crying even though I was able to heal my mind and body. Well long story short is when my mom kicked me out for the 2nd time I was practically a child and didn't know what to do? I was 13 years old so I went with the neighbor and stayed with them since the daughter of the house owner was my friend. Back then it was a place that was certainly “The coolest place to work” for teenagers on the weekends! That place was like a little mall and was the very one thing, fashionable, trendy popular place for teenagers to go and buy music, fashion clothing or video games. Well I went there seeking a job and pretty much asking for help and seeing if someone would hire me even though I was under the age and well a lady dared to hire me. Stayed with her for 3 years and was the BEST seller from all her clothing boutiques stores! Her business had grown and she opened several new stores so I realized I should and must do this for and on my own and that is how a business woman was born! I started with a tiny little store and long story short is that in less than 2 years I got 4 stores with 13 employees that were even older than my own age. No one helped me, not support at all from no one not a single person or my dad… no one! I mentioned my dad because since he is a man and me being a petite woman still a teen, I asked him to help me to buy and carry the merchandise so on the 1st day he went with me he ending insulting me calling me crazy and saying that I would not be able to do it but I just fu…ing did it! (excuse my language). Carrying my merchandise like Santa Claus… From there I was and being a successful business teen was able to travel and even live in the beautiful country of the US, country that I loved so much and give me so much, lots of knowledge and education, there I learned so much about health and good nutrition since my whole life I suffered being overweight becoming fit and a huge fan of good food. Adopted the beautiful culture of Californians (where I lived) and learning and feeling self love and being loved for the first time! So I am really hungry and eager to share my journey! Life hasn't been easy but is very possible to change your path and destiny by taking action and think in yourself first and love yourself to be able to help and love others. I want to accomplish my goal and dreams and certainly one of those dreams is to help and guide people that are suffering and think they can’t handle it any more or is so much pain because they have no role models or guidance. Beauty is not only coming from the outside but the inside and we can build, reborn and heal mentally and physically. As of today's days I am fit, mentally healed and we can do this if not alone, together we will defeat… I really wanted to tell and share my experiences and knowledge so people can apply it in real time and life to thrive and in order to improve whatever is it that they are going through. Believe me we are more resilient and stronger than what we think, and this could be a great platform and opportunity for me to accomplish such a dream and my goal to help others, that is why I believe I can be a good role model for this current generation. I’m sorry for all this long writing and just wanted to say thank you so very much if you made it this far long and read the whole thing… SORRY… LUV YA GUYS! And please remember and I Quote *If you can see it, you can be it*

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