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27 years old
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Who am I?

My name's is Ternicka Mahabal I'm an up coming Trinbagonian androgynous designer who is the founder and designer of the Luxurious Androgynous designer street wear brand Issa Vybe Clothing. I currently reside on the beautiful island Trinidad and Tobago. I'm the the eldest of five beautiful children my mom birthed and raised practically on her own. Life hasn't been the easiest whilst growing up since often a times I've had to face closed door opportunities due to my financial incompetence to secure opportunities I truly wanted to secure but none the less it made me stronger and more determined. I've decided to follow my passion which is to become one of the most successful influential designers internationally originating from a small island and tiny home.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

To be honest I had no knowledge about the Fashion Hero series till I've seen this AD on Instagram. I've checked it out as well and in all honesty I appreciate the work that the entire crew does with braking multiple barriers that has been placed out of prejudice before. I truly admire and applaud this entire show for that.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I believe that with my honest passion to further encourage the ones without much or the ones who are often overlooked and shunned is the only way I can stand and be able to reshape a mental barrier that'll also assist in alleviating the choice amongst young people who turn to crime when it comes to survival, suicide and excessive drugs use when they have less of a choice. I've realized that my true purpose is to become a leader in the sense where I accept my struggles as mere lessons to shape me into a better human being. I've been at it for two years and i've learned that the only way I can become a voice is through my designs in a way where I can reach and also inspire a lot of young persons who fall victim to not being accepted by society based on skin colour, race, hair texture and even social status when it relates to ones social background or pockets. I've observed that in order to be able to help the ones labelled as "low life" by judging ones pockets and appearance according to society is by using my struggles to tell my story through my designs in hope of being able to bridge that gap between Tradition and Culture through fashion. The "ghetto" as most would refer them too has a lot of love, dreams, and potential. I believe that being able to represent them and speak their truth is the only way I'll be able to help motivate and inspire them to possibly make better choices in life. At present I no longer am an employee due to the business closing down along with the present crisis at hand with covid -19 but it doesn't suggest incompetence. My first business investment began with $100, no longer having an apt, a logo, a dream and my sketches. I'm still struggling but my failures taught me a lot and I've came up with the term.. "Should your pockets and your social background determine your competence and capabilities with becoming successful in one world, rebuild in another." This has been my personal motto that's been allowing me the ability to remain humbled and strong through every obstacle and battle life has to offer in its journey. I plan to launch my New Money Ambition (Nouveau Riche) Campaign as well. The campaign would be used to highlight and support young persons out there who feel less but has the potential to do more. At present the most valuable things in my possession are life, my designs, the little knowledge I have and an ambition. I aim at being able to successfully create an organization from this N.M.A (New Money Ambition (Nouveau Riche)) collection for young persons are often deprived the opportunity to farther excel in their potential to become extremely succesful. I'll not only be joined by persons who can pass on greater knowledge of financial literacy along with a crew of influencers but to also donate at least 5% from my profits from selective pieces in this collection as proceeds to students who are unable to afford a higher education, better academics if they're into sports and even assist those who attempt at getting involved in business. The younger generation is the future and I will use the little to nothing in my possession along with the little exposure in the fashion industry to pave that way for them. This is my get out of jail free card as well as theirs.

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