34 years old
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Hi I'm 34 years old I have three boys 18,17,16 years old married for 9 years and he is so supportive of me .I'm 5" 5 157 lbs I love the fact to become a model or background actor I've never done it before but I'm a fast learner and I love the camera I just need that one chance to prove myself I know I can be successful and bring a lot to whatever company who decides to take a risk on me

My dreams and passions

My dreams and passions always and will be a model or background actor I have the true passion in my heart for this

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I believe in my heart that I will make a big difference as the next fashion hero because I'm easy to get along with I have that face that everyone will want to see me more I have high confidence in myself and the world will soon see it one day

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