South Africa
20 years old
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About me

I'm a proud African young woman. Confident, flexible, caring, possessing humanity and Africanness. I love science, fitness, beauty, fashion, creative writing, ART... I have RESPECT hence the fundamental Zulu culture is INHLONIPHO (respect): I respect people and their craft and give the same respect to myself.

My dreams and passions

I dream of a united era globally. United in innovative ideas, views, opinions; united in excellent craft; united in respect, love, caring, recognising great work by one another; united in visions of being more united. I dream of united all the components of my life to create,produce and perform groundbreaking music, being an effective tool in the film and television industry, being in Eco fashion because as an upcoming Female African Scientist conserving the nature is more essential like your breath for present and future. I am very passionate about succeeding the indigenous African fashion and Style(animal skins by our nomadic ancestors, African jewellery material) and design fashion that a plus size woman will feel confident and appreciate herself in.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As a fashion hero I would promote a fashion industry that conserves nature(natural resources), wearable fashion, most vitally a world of fashion that appreciates curves.

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