42 years old
Who am I?

I am a single mom that learned way too late in life what was toxic and what wasn't. I am working my butt off doing the messy work of healing and becoming so good at it, I'll be able to help anyone that comes in my path. Part of my journey has been loving myself no matter what people's opinions of me are. Not allowing myself to be ashamed of my scars. Wear them proudly! Because Ive never been a victim. Just a survivor who figured it out on her own. Well, if im being honest , God did it all! I just showed up. After 40 years I finally started to believe I will always be beautiful, and enough, and in literally every messy, broken, exhausted stage of my journey, I AM ENOUGH! I always was, I just needed to let go of the burden people placed on me, and FINALLY see me!!

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV series?

I think it's a fantastic show that allows every single person to be uniquely themselves! A place where conversations are had, and understanding from every different angle can be had. That's how we fight the bad. We show up and show up with love for everyone. Even when it hurts, because even the "bad" people got that way somehow. I might be crazy but we all know. Hurt people, hurt people. So as much as we can show up and meet people where they are at, with love, wisdom and understanding, some very deep deep healing can be accomplished. This show is literally the stage for exactly that!! I can see absolutely how far and wide our lights can shine to the world with a stage like this to lead the lost to! In my soul I know this show is going to do great things!!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of The Fashion Hero?

I am not even sure if I would be great at that. But I do know everything I do whether I shine or fail, I do it with my all and with my best intentions for everyone's highest best good. I worked hard all my life and never thought I'd live to see this age. I never thought people would even care the sh1& Id overcome, yet as I find myself sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, I am also beginning to love the yucky parts. Because I know how and why they got there. So if given the opportunity I do believe if people are willing to listen, then I have a gazillion stories of failures& successes, more than enough to at least make people see, we are not our traumas, they will NEVER define us. They simply created a viewpoint that people rarely spoke from, so those people that can't speak their truth, or don't even know where to start can see. In all my good bad and ugly, I didn't have a plan either. I just had to start, and never give up, even if it meant belly crawling till I could walk. Just keep on doing better every day. That's all that matters!

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