26 years old
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About me

Describe myself...hmm. I am happy, punctual, loving and supportive. I am an overall positive person. I love to read, do yoga, make art and attending my fiance'so DJ gigs. I am a Scorpio and it shows. I love life and am always eager to learn.

My dreams and passions

My passions include but are not limited to holistic medicine, metaphysics, yoga, learning, kids and everything pregnancy/birth/women & children. I dream of one day being an amazing doula with my own yoga studio and holistic/metaphysical/book shop.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As the next fashion hero I solemnly swear to give my all, take the opportunity very seriously and be the best role model and inspiration I can be . I want to show people everywhere that there is NO REAL BEAUTY STANDARDS. Everyone is beautiful and it's nobody's place to tell you any different. I also hope to use this platform to make HUGE differences in the lives of battered/abused women and children & survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As a survivor myself I KNOW that WE are NOT what happened to us and WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

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