Leasing Agent
31 years old
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About me

IM THE DEFINITION OF CRAZY SEXY AND COOL!!!! I love to learn and see new things. I’m a fashionista that has her own swag !!!!!!!! I like doing things my way, but yet and still I’m very down to earth, I’m definitely a peoples person. To know me is to love ME!!!!

My dreams and passions

My dream is to have my own show! Showing off the latest and hottest styles!!! EVERYDAY WILL BE A SLAYDAY I GURANTEE!!!

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I can make a difference by simply being ME!!! I’m not the average chic!!! I’m telling ya to know me is to LOVE ME!! I was a girl who built her self up on self confidence, thru the obstacles of growing up dark skinned girl in a society that totally made it a bad thing to be Darkskinned!!! I work on myself EVERYDAY!!! It was hard when you’re so young, when you really seem alone and the only person calling you beautiful I bring good energy!! I love to meet people laugh and love!!! I feel I have to be the good energy. I enjoy all types of clothing rather vintage or current day ILL ROCK IT!!!! No matter what price range I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN

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