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Who am I?

I am a 25 year old free spirited confident visionary. I love to travel, cook, meet new people, try new things and really experience everything life has to offer. I strongly believe  in encouraging myself and others to break through societies soical barriers and thrive to define their own rules and standards to live by.I am a young entrepreneur, I have my own lipstick and lipgloss line named "El Denaro" along with an ice cream truck business with my mom called "Yogis Heavenly Treats " . Yogis Heavenly Treats is very special to me it is named after my grandmother who passed away ,Yolanda everyone called her Yogi like "Yogi Bear". She was very sweet and kind so it just seemed so fitting that she would have her own string of ice cream trucks filled with sweet treats . My friends and family describe me as bright, optimistic, funny, responsible, strong and down to earth, but I consider myself a trail blazing, trend setting, rock star. I can honestly say both descriptions fits me perfectly and I love it!

What do I think about the Fahsion Hero TV Series?

I love that it's so me I'm constantly setting trends unapologetically regardless what the norm is. I love that Fashion Hero TV Series is real and open to normal everyday people to show who they are and to show the world their unique styles and selves . I appreciate the fact that it gives opportunities to everyday people who may not be "regulation" size, color, have the right "look" or  fit the standards that society sets. Fashion Hero TV Series lets people know its okay to be different you're still beautiful and you can win even if you don't look or act like everyone else.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I am a great role model that will inspire this generation because I radiate self love, perseverance and confidence which are all traits that are crucial to being a great role model to those who look up to me . I have strong leadership skills that enacts me to be able to not only stand up for those who can't defend themselves but also able to follow when called upon.   My positive energy and bright smile is  contagious , I truely believe you're never fully dressed without a smile and I pass that along to my peers. I constantly attractive blessings to my life by keeping my vibrations high and treating others how I like to be treated. Law of attraction is very real, everything we put into the universe comes back to us if we stay positive , show love and be accepting of life's gifts we will succeed in whatever we want. I am able to manifest beautiful things into my and my loved ones lives by genuinely giving my all to everything I do. I would love the opportunity to pass along my knowledge , love , style, smile, and attitude to the world. To be able to be there for those who need me, and show whoever is having doubts they can't , that they actully can, means everything to me.

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