18 years old
Who am I?

my name is jorgia wylie mackenzie kendrick, my friends call me wylie though. i’m 18 and really struggling to keep my head above water sometimes, i get emotional when i stress about things too much and overthink more than think. i’d agree that i’m a mess too, yeah, i am all over the place. i don’t have a consistent schedule for night or day. i’m odd and creative, i try really hard to be a people-pleaser because i think everyone should be at least a little happy, if i can be the one to help with that i will. i go out of my way to help people who probably don’t deserve it and i don’t get much or anything in return. i can’t just stand by and watch a conflict, i always try and be the voice of reason and try to understand both sides of the story, then with my evaluation proceed to a solution. my name is wylie kendrick and i am trying to start change.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

i’ve only discovered it today, but with reading the description and going through the website, i think that this is an amazing opportunity for people to help express themselves and help change society for the better. i genuinely appreciate what this program is doing.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

this generation already struggles with trying to fit in, trying to be seen, trying to be heard. we all have a voice the the ability to project our voice but not everyone has the confidence, energy, motivation etc. to express themselves doing such. fighting for peoples attention nowadays is next to impossible. i want to show this generation that life isn’t in the turtle shell, it’s out there, with endless possibilities and outcomes. you just need the push, the confidence, the motivation. i would be all those things for them. i’d show them that if i, wylie kendrick, a girl from a small town who never had more that $100 in her bank, a girl who has the same mental issues as them and same issue of trying to fit into society, same overthinking, same invisibility, same fear. but i’m right here, i’m working on myself and making myself a better person. now i’m just trying to share my energy and confidence with everyone who doesn’t want to be afraid anymore.

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