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22 years old
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I'm a 22 year old South African coloured guy. From a town called Boksburg, well known as the suburbs Southern area close to Christian Brothers College (CBC) boy school. I'm a stillborn survivor, due to complications at birth I stutter. People see it as disabled and I see it as uniquely able. Despite me stuttering I speak quite a lot for someone who stutters. I don't let it get to me, or drag me to a pity corner I LOOK above it and RISE. Living life to it's fullest.

My dreams and passions

Being the only 1 of six children who showed interest in fashion at an early age at 3-10 was tough. Because at that time I was called horrible names e.g Moffie and so fourth. That pushed me beyond my limitations it helped me to improve with my drawing skills, I used to take out my frustration by drawing. At the age of 11 in grade 5 I began to start finding myself through fashion. I used to cry and have very low-self esteem, but then when fashion became a part of my life. It gave me a voice to be heard, my life changed I never believed that fashion can create a whole new you. Since that day I strongly believe now it can. My Dream is to become 1 of the well known famous international fashion designers and male model. My PASSION isn't it obvious, lets count down 1, 2, 3 FASHION!!!

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

It's 2019 who still wants to suffer of Poverty? Stop Putting yourself and your family into debt because of competing with trends unnecessarily. In with the new out with the old, gone are the past, heading to the future. We are the now remember that, often youth feels left out when they can't follow trends. Well I've got good news why follow when you were set apart from the rest to become the best. Stop spending money on the latest trend obviously it will most definitely be expensive and make a hole in your pocket, buy that which fits your pocket well. As the next Fashion Hero I'll make a difference by teaching them how to work with the current clothing in their closet or material. Dazzle/spice it up darling. Can't afford ripped items? No worries take an old jeans or T-shirt, YouTube shows it all step by step lately don't break your head because remember fashion fades style remains. Work with the current, and walk tall, chin up and you'll never go wrong don't bend your head and look down NeVer. I represent the 6 color flag Country South Africa.

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