New Zealand
Clothing boutique founder, designer & curator. HR / Career Coach
31 years old
Who am I?

Kia Ora ! I am Zoey Tomlinson-Rout. The perfect blend of bright and bubbly mixed with shyness which gives warm energy and a hint of social awkwardness at times lol I am a Wife to Maru, Step-Mom to Ollie, Ana and Carter. I have been fashion and beauty obsessed forever. I grew up on a farm in a rural area, I loved dressing up, dressing friends, dressing sisters and loved dressing dolls. Now I love all those things, plus working at Fashion Shows with New Zealands top designers, brands, professionals and friends. ESPECIALLY when its for a good cause like Breast Cancer. I help with the recruitment and management of the stylists, casting for the models and the management of back stage. I do lots of other things, I am a Clothing designer and curator. Our clothing is always made of stunning materials, timeless versatile and made to be a favorite staple. We have pride in providing pieces that are bold, that empower people and that are loved for many many years worn time and time again, shared with loved ones and passed down to future generations. Inclusion and diversity is a big part of our brand, if you check out our brand you will see that we have modeled the pieces ourselves to show on everyday people as well as my Mum, sister, nieces as well as our gorg models Tess and Fatma. Our latest drop proudly went from size xs - 5xl. I also have spent 10 years doing HR / Career Coaching. I love what I do for mahi (work) which is working with people and businesses to collaborate to achieve goals. I sit with people and we make plans based on bite sized goals that everyday they can work away at to get them closer to turning that dream into a reality. When I am not working, I am driving around the place to the kids sports and being their Step-Momager. They play ice hockey, netball, rugby and volleyball. Our eldest kid Ollie is 17 and he just moved to Canada last week for 9 months to be part of an Ice Hockey Academy so we only have 2 kids at home now. I am an actor who has been part of many productions and been part of 2 seasons of Under the Vines and One Lane Bridge. Acting was something I LOVED as a kid and growing up but in highschool was told there wasnt really a future there in that industry for me, so like many, I put that dream aside and went to uni and studied business and got that corporate office job. Then suddenly in my 20's I decided to take a risk and revisit that dream. I think thats part of my purpose across every job I do , as a HR / Career Coach and as a designer, I empower people to revisit those forgotten dreams and BE and DO what you love unapologetically.

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

The tides are changing. Those that feel unrepresented have been fighting for a long time and we are now gaining a better awareness / wokeness around a toxic culture of unrealistic beauty standards, consumerism, bulk manufacturing, unethical working conditions, animal testing, slave labor, harmful waste and toxins etc. Not to mention the masses of fast fashion clothing items filling our landfils. This is SO exciting to collaborate and improve the industry for the better

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

Just being brave enough to want to be part of something bigger. The world feels heavy right now. There is grief from the last few years of a global pandemic, there is war, violence, divison, the planet is screaming due to the environmental crisis, the cost of living for the average family is insane, politics, corruption AND there are SO mant other crazy issues present in the world that I believe there is a need for more people to be brave and speak up. We need to share the message of unity and peace. If I can join a show like this maybe I can share some joy via the arts and light. The arts unifies people from all walks of life and an important pillar of the globe, it needs to be celebrated. Also if I can step out of my comfort zone of little New Zealand and talk about the hard stuff and share some lessons I have learnt in my 30 years that contributes positively to society, but also tested to do something new it would be life changing. Using the power of vulnerability to share important messages to bring unity. I have little people at home that I need to make proud, kids, nieces and nephews that are looking up to me to do something good and meaningful.

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