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Ximena Valero was born in Mexico City and raised in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. She has been a visionary for the fashion industry since she was a young child. Ximena officially began her fashion career at the age of nine, when her mother enrolled her in a cutting and sewing summer class. This led Ximena to make clothes for herself, and for her friends and family. She continued taking fashion-related courses and at 17 she went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Diego, California.

In her early 20s, Ximena and a group of creative friends opened a fashion photography studio in San Diego, where they offered photography services to aspiring models, model agencies, designers, brides, professionals, companies, and brands. She acted as the business manager and creative director, while also continuing to design and produce her own creations, most of which appeared in the photographs.

Ximena moved her business to New York City, and at 24, she accepted an offer to work as a designer for the most recognized lingerie firm in the world, Victoria’s Secret. She collaborated on the creation of various fashion lines such as Very Sexy, Pink and Angels. While in the Big Apple, she co-founded New York Fashion Group, a fashion photo studio with clients like Yoko Ono, Ford Models, Elite Models, Maybelline, Victoria’s Secret, and a then unknown Lady Gaga, among many others.

Ximena is an award-winning designer best known for transformable fashion. Her line of convertible women’s apparel is a ready-to-wear phenomenon. This collection's inspiration comes from her photo studio background, meeting so many women, different body types, and ways of thinking.

In 2015, The L.A Weekly recognized Ximena as a Los Angeles Personality and one of the most fascinating people in the city.

In early 2016, Ximena Valero founded The Fashion Lab in Los Angeles, recreating the photo studio model and serving clients through fashion photography. The studio also incorporates the social media movement, and collaborates with current influencers, such as singers, actresses, DJs, models, performers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and other designers.

Currently, Ximena Valero Corporation is an international brand that designs, produces, distributes and sells women’s designer clothing worldwide.

My idea of beauty
To me, beauty comes from acknowledgement that we all are unique. Beauty is to own our uniqueness. To me, owning our authenticity is being beautiful.
What do I look for in a model
I look for a beautiful soul that recognizes her own beauty and expresses her heart out through her eyes. A woman that challenges herself by taking risks and being a better person. A role model to her own self that inspires others by nature. A giving and receptive mind that is open and accepting.
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